HacktoberFest: PR#4

I completed my hacktoberfest with my PR in XLayers Application. XLayers is an amazing application built in Angular which helps to preview and convert SketchApp Design files into any framework and library.

More detailed info can be found here.


XLayers currently were on 8.0.0 version of Angular and they wanted to be on the latest version of Angular i.e V8.3.



The collaborator in the issue suggested using ng update for updating the angular versions. I dug deep into the command and learnt how it worked through Angular documentation. I tried ng update, it provided me with a small list of updatable packages :

ng update output

Then for my curiosity I ran ng update --all --force, it actually updated every dependency in the package.json, which obviously came with a lot of incompatibilities thus resulting in breaking the build. Before fixing those errors, I confirmed the scope of the issue with the collaborator and was told that they majorly wanted to update angular core dependencies.

So I discarded all the fun stuff I created for myself and got back to ng update, as I dug deeper, I came to know that this command actually had a bug. Whenever you use the ng update <package> , it actually updated some of the related dependencies to latest beta versions on its own. This bug had actually created a lot of heat in Angular CLI repo, and they had an issue locked down until they fixed it.

Ng update bug issue in Angular CLI repo

So I followed the comment, and actually updated the package.json for core angular manually.



The ng version before my PR:

The ng version after my PR:

Learning Outcomes

  • How to upgrade Angular application
  • How upgrade can cause incompatibilities and break your app
  • How to navigate through issues and find solutions through comments šŸ¤·šŸ½ā€ā™‚ļø

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