Release 0.3 : Code Notes Contribution

For the 0.3 release of OSD, I made contribution to an external project “Code Notes”. Code Notes is a really interesting concept, it helps to save code snippets for future use. You can add information about the code snippets and save them.It is built in Vue.js and electron, making it a cross platform application.


I took over the issue in which users requested some more fields to add more info about the code snippet. After going back and forth with the owner of the repo, I took over the issue to add a source field for the code snippet. This actually made sense to me because so many times we come across a code snippet which we like, but don’t remember it when we need it. So using source field we could not only save the snippet but also keep track of where it came from or what was the inspiration behind it.


Pull Request

It was a big challenge for me because I have never worked in Vue or electron, but that was the whole purpose of taking on this issue. I spent considerable time picking up Vue and making familiar with electron. I was aiming for not only solving this issue but also learning this stack. I created a pull request with a source field added, and the source shows up as a link icon while displaying the notes:

Pull Request:

Extra bit:

Because I liked the idea, and now was familiar with code base, I took over another feature request which was actually requested by Ben Halpern (Founder of DEV.TO). I am currently working on the issue, and will be releasing the patch soon.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learnt Vue.js
  • Learnt Electron
  • Contributed to another app whose idea is what I love the most

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