Release 0.4: External Issue

For the final release of the course (0.4), we were required to contribute to one external and one internal issue (Telescope).

For the external issue, I continued working on the amazing app “Code Notes”. This time I took over a feature requested by Ben Halpern (Founder of


The feature requested was to add a way to select language for code snippet quickly. Ben wanted something like most used languages buttons and suggested searchable dropdown as alternative.

I liked the idea and took over the issue to work on.


I am still pretty new to Vue.js and electron, it took me some time to figure out where the changes were required. I thought of a solution to do this as cleanly as possible.

I tried multiple select vue libraries for searchable dropdown, but each had some issue until I came across vue-select, which perfectly satisfied the use case.

I wrote the code to sort the languages options according to their use frequency and also so that top 3 would show up as buttons for easy access.

The master was being fixed, therefore my PR is currently blocked, but soon the feature will land into the next release.

It’s always fun to take over a challenge just because you feel like it.

Feels good!!

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