Release 0.4: Telescope Issue

For the telescope issue fix, I took over the issue to change backend logging to use loggers instead of using console.log



Kudos to great documentation of the project, I quickly picked up how logger was set up and made the required changes all over the code.

During the same phase, a lot of code landed in master, which meant my branch needed a rebase.

Oh dreadful rebase!!!

I made a rookie mistake while rebasing of pull and push after rebasing, rather than force pushing it. But I was able to fix and clean up the branch.

With few review changes, the code was merged successfully adding the proper logging to the system.

Alongside this PR, I reviewed and merged multiple other PR’s in the project whenever I got time. It feels really nice to be a part of such nice community. As this course comes to end, I am just grateful for all the opportunities and stuff I got to do. One regret that I would have done better in the sense of more contribution, but…… Naah, I am not gonna make an excuse, should have done better irrespective of anything. I guess all I can do now is learn and appreciate what’s next. Thanks!!🍻

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