Hacktoberfest: PR#2

For hacktoberfest 2019, my second PR was for an app called Shoot I Smoke App. It is a pretty famous and a useful application. It lets the user know how many cigarettes is the user smoking based upon the quality of air around the user. It is built in React-native, typescript. It uses user’s location and uses the open Algolia places API to get the current air quality and then calculates the number of cigarettes that accounts to.


I initially started working on a different issue, but while following the local setup instructions, I found out that one link to Algolia places website for getting api key actually pointed to a wrong address. That’s when I realized it’s time to use the power of open source, and fix what is wrong on my own. So I created a new issue to fix the link to the api key website.



As I myself found out the issue, I found the correct website link and made sure that it was the appropriate website as required.

Pull Request


Learning Outcomes

  • More than learning anything new, I was able to enjoy the power of open source, by fixing something which I found was broken.
  • Normally one would just ignore and say I cannot do anything, but here I could and that’s what makes Open source stand out.

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