Learning CI/CD for Open Source

For my 0.3 release of my Open Source Course, we are undertaking revamp of CDOT planet app.

Telescope Fix:

For my part of contribution, I took over the responsibility of implementing a CI/CD pipeline for the project. The sole purpose for taking this issue was to actually learn CI/CD. I have been planning to learn how to implement pipelines from a long time, but have been putting it off for a long time. Therefore when I saw this opportunity, I literally jumped over it, and to be honest Im glad I did.

I opened a discussion to discuss the options for implementing the pipeline. With community discussion, I opened three different issues for implementing the pipeline at various service providers and took over the Travis issue.

I started the implementation by actually understanding the purpose for CI/CD pipelines and it was really fascinating to learn the importance of setting up pipelines.

I went through multiple templates along with how to write the config file from scratch. I went through Travis documentation majorly to learn all about it.

I finally submitted the PR which after community review got merged. 🤩

External Contribution:

For my external contribution, I am currently going back and worth on adding a new feature to an amazing app called Code-Notes.

The issue which I plan to undertake is https://github.com/lauthieb/code-notes/issues/80.

This issue is going to be an interesting one because it is going to be my first time learning VueJs and electron to contribute.

Extra bit:

Taking my learning from CI/CD setup, I also fixed one issue in React Native for Windows (https://github.com/microsoft/react-native-windows/issues/3427)

This issue required to whitelist gif/jpeg files to not trigger the CI/CD pipeline. I expected a quick fix. But it actually took a bit of time to figure out where the change was supposed to be made. I was tempted so many times to comment and ask for some redirection to correct file, but I wanted to challenge myself to give my 100% first. And I am glad I was able to figure out irrespective of the amount of time I spent.

I opened the PR with the fix (https://github.com/microsoft/react-native-windows/pull/3632) and it got merged, with which I have officially contributed to Facebook, Angular, Microsoft, Mozilla and many more projects(feels kinda nice to say it🥳)

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